How are barbers affected by Covid-19?

How are barbers affected by Covid-19?

How are barbers affected by Covid-19?

This Covid-19 has affected almost all sectors, businesses, and professions. In many states, barbershops and salons have been closed after receiving quarantine orders. Now that these restrictions are being uplifted in many regions, barbershops are reopening. But people are still wondering whether they should go to these shops or not. Due to the second wave of the corona has set foot in the world and many people are getting infected again. The professions that have been most affected by this virus, barbershops and salons are at the top of this list. There are many guidelines given by the WHO (world health organization) to barbers to follow if they want to run their business. These guidelines are important to be followed religiously not only for their customers but also for their health. But before that, we need to know about the common hazards in barbershops and beauty salons.

What are the most Common Hazards in Beauty Salons and Barbershops?

Isn't feels nice when we walk out of the beauty salon or a barber shop with a completely fresh look? Even the smallest service at a salon can make a huge difference in our overall look. We get a lot of confidence from even a simple hair trim or a new haircut. Hardly any of us would have thought how risky it can be when we step out of the barbershop or how dangerous it can be for the person standing behind our chair who is cutting our hair

How Salons and Barbershops Can Prepare for Covid-19?

Customers call before check-in.

Try to change the way you deal with your customers. Ask them to make a call instead of going straight into the barbershop. Deal one customer at a time and request the rest of the customers to either wait in their car or outside the salon. Do not allow anybody to sit in the lobby.

Remove unnecessary common-touched surfaces.

The salon owners and barbers need to immediately remove all the common-touched surfaces and other objects such as newspapers and magazines. They should also remove testers or candy dishes.

Protective measurements

Check the temperature of each customer and staff member before they enter the shop or salon. All the necessary symptom checking measurements should be taken depending on where you live. They must have the required tools to check the temperature.

Late cancellation fees should be eliminated

Do not discourage the customers who feel ill to cancel their appointments by eliminating the cancellation fee. Make sure you ask customers if they have any symptoms to reschedule their appointments.

Allow leaves to your sick staff members

Also, encourage your staff to stay home if they are not feeling well or have similar symptoms. Do not deduct their salaries and allow them enough days for proper recovery.

Increase your cleaning efforts

Most of the barbershops and salons are already doing a great job in wiping down equipment and sanitation. However, due to the current pandemic, we have to kick up our cleanliness efforts. Barbers need to sterilize their tools and make sure that stations are properly cleaned after each client.


Barbers and hairstylists should eliminate walk-in appointments immediately. Customers should be requested to make a call or book an appointment online.

Maintain social distancing except during services

Social distancing rules apply to salons and barbershops as well. All the clients should be kept six feet apart. However, stylists and customers are allowed to be less than 6 feet apart during the services.

Wear face masks

It is suggested that both customers and staff members should wear face masks and gloves even if their state does not require them to follow these Covid-19 protocols.